Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Star Provisions

I'm especially proud of this coffee spot because it's not quite on Google's radar. You won't find out about Star Provisions' coffee on Yelp or Urbanspoon. No, no. You will have to discover it on your own, just like I did a while back. 
I can't recall what initially drew me inside that chilly Saturday morning after my weekly yoga practice at Lulu Lemon, probably just a healthy curiosity, but once I found myself inside the cute, lively, Eurpoean-esque market, I was delighted to find that fresh Batdorf & Bronson coffee was among the mornings offerings! I remember drifting through the bakery section and then following my nose as it carried me to the source of the espresso smell in the back corner of the market. Lovely!
The chance to compliment my zen session with SP is what now propels me to wake up ever so early every Saturday for yoga.I know that I'll get to cross over the railroad tracks on the Westside Provisions bridge and pop into Star Provisions for the perfect, piping-hot cup of Batdorf & Bronson coffee. Dark roast, please!
Atmosphere - Star Provisions boasts one of my favorite types of cafe atmosphere. Similar to Alon's, Star Provisions is set up as a gourmet market. Shoppers circle the store, browsing the offerings at the individual cheese, meats, and wine sections. They linger at the fresh baked breads in the deli, and stumble upon interesting kitchen and home accouterments on the way. They may even pause to take in the entrance to Bacchanalia, found in the rear of the market and undoubtedly wish they were dining their tonight.

To narrow in on the coffee tie to Star Provisions I have to first set you up with some history. The coffee was once sold in the the back pocket of the market by a little, sweet, old woman... but those days are long gone. The coffee station has transformed. Now the coffee shop is it's own entity, a separate shop located outside of Star Provisions, directly on the left from the front doors and vended by a snooty foreign man, which is permissible as it adds to the atmosphere.
There are multiple places to sit down and Star Provisions can hold an impressive amount of people. Seating options include long, community-style tables inside as well as tables all along the exterior walls overlooking the Westside district and JCT's courtyard. 
In my opinion, coffee at Star Provisions is best enjoyed in the company of friends as the busy market is not so conducive to work, study, or solo theoretical contemplation on the complexity of life. SP will most likely be busy, but not overwhelming or loud. The last time I was there was around lunchtime on a Saturday and I had to admit that they handle the volumes of people that were visiting quite well. Be careful not to stop in on Sundays though as they are closed.

Coffee and Legitimacy- The coffee sold at SP is Batdorf & Bronson, which makes sense as the B&B roastery is only about a mile down the road. They have always had a light roast and dark roast ready to serve and it has always been fresh. Other espresso drinks are always on the table. I ordered a macchiato on my last visit and it was exquisite! The option to buy beans is also available, as well as numerous other coffee tools and accessories. Star Provisions is connected to one of the two 5-star restaurants in Atlanta so you know quality is a serious factor, which gives SP our "legit" stamp of approval.

Service - The shop is well maintained and the staff are normal-to-friendly, except for the new barista man. He's not much of a chatter, which is fine because I would rather him channel that energy into my drink! As this market is tied with Bacchanalia all the staff wear aprons, a nice polishing touch.

Location - The Westside Provisions District in West Midtown is a wonderful place for the Star Provisions coffee shop. It's pedestrian friendly yet there's plenty of parking. Westside Provisions offers so many great eating and shopping options and it's sorta picturesque with the bridge and the white lights in the trees that they keep up year-round.

Overall Rating : 5 Stars

:: by Jaclyn Overall
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Karma Coffee

We trekked all the way over to Avondale Estates to check out Good Karma. It wasn't quite worth the trek. The first time we visited was last summer (hence the tank top in the photo below) and I hoped that with my re-visit this week I would see some improvements, particularly with the interior design. No improvements made. But read on because Good Karma has some redeeming factors, ahem the food!

Atmosphere - The interior of Good Karma felt so incomplete, and the exterior doesn't do much for attracting customers either. It seems like they started with some good development efforts and then half-way through opened up shop and never finished. However, the employees add a warm and inviting element that lends this shop a nice, neighborly feel. You're sure to always find a seat and are invited to stay as long as you like. You'll find friends here eating and people working on their laptops. 
Coffee - It's Counter Culture so you know it's good. I'm always happy to see a familiar name when I visit new cafes I'm not too sure about. The coffees we ordered were excellent and Good Karma is always serving up a dark roast and a light roast. I'm grateful for the option, although, let's be honest, I always choose the dark.

Service - They've got a nice laid-back vibe here. Friendly staff will bring your food and drinks to the table, greet you when you come in, and check on you as you dine.
Location - It's hard to drive from midtown to Avondale Estates without passing a handful of great cafes on the way. If you're already on that side of town then I think Good Karma could be a nice, low-key place to frequent. Avondale Estates seems like a small town in the middle of nowhere when actually it's not that far from downtown Decatur. 
Legitimacy - Good Karma has a good thing going with its small but solid breakfast and lunch menu featuring a gluten-free bakery. A must order is the vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom waffle with warm agave nectar. It's really really good and can be topped with chocolate chips or blueberries. Yum! These waffles are both pretty and tasty...down to the very last bite.
Overall Rating : 3 stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


You may already be familiar with this restaurant from my Jaclyn's Favorites of Atl post. I’m a big fan! I’ve spent birthday dinners, girls brunches, and taken many out-of-town guests here. Murphy’s is my “go-to” because they do everything right, in my mind at least. Or they did everything right. And this post pains me to write but I have to reveal the few downsides to this place only because I feel obligated to give it to you straight! (I snagged writing this post from Anand because I feared he would be a little harsh as he’s known to be ... ahem Octane post.)

Overall, I think Murphy’s menu is flawless and their restaurant has this southern cottage feel that instantly relaxes you and makes you want to stay a while. From my often brunching here I’ve taken notice of their coffee selection. I decided it was time for the other half of Atlanta Coffee Scene to pay Murphy’s a visit and do a proper review. So, one chilly Sunday morning Anand and I took a seat at the bar that doubles as a waiting area. This was the faulty decision that brought the entire experience down.

Atmosphere- The atmosphere in Murphys is warm and upscale, yet relaxed. But, when you sit near the entrance on a busy Sunday morning that atmosphere is completely ruined. We chose to sit at the bar where the espresso machine and café menu are boldly displayed, we wanted to be as close to the action as possible! In hindsight that was a mistake. The cold air rushing in from the door forced us to keep our coats on, the busyness of people waiting for tables took away from what a relaxing brunch should be, and it seemed there was no server assigned to us. Had we sat at an actual table the whole experience may have been far more positive. However, Murphy’s isn't a coffee shop. It is a nice restaurant where they seat you and hand you a menu. Don't bring your laptop hoping to get some work done, or even pull out a book. You may be able to get by with a newspaper at the bar, but really this is more of an ideal setting to have a nice conversation and enjoy quality dishes and drinks.

Coffee- I ordered a café au lait that was delivered to me with a scone on the side. That’s a little touch that I can’t get enough of. You will find a few creative drinks on the cafe menu. Try one! You'll be pleased.

Service- This category was the most disappointing. The two women working that Sunday morning behind the bar payed little attention to us. Come to think of it, the last time I brunched there I was disappointed with my moody, couldn't-care-less waiter too. Let's just hope they are going through some transition with their brunch service (I like to be hopeful).

Location- Situated in the center of Virginia Highlands, Murphy’s has a fantastic location. This restaurant has been in the Highlands for 30 years making it an anchor to such a pleasant part of Atlanta. With plenty of shops and boutiques to walk to you can easily spend an entire afternoon here. For parking, plan to snag a parallel parking spot on the street or use Murphy's valet. 

Legitimacy- The menu is fantastic. Each plate and drink I've tried has been spot on! The wine shop is bursting with great finds. The wine bar offers weekly wine classes. Murphy's has thrived in this prime spot for 30 years. I would say it's here to stay.

We rate places based on their cafe potential and Murphy's in its essence is a restaurant. That said, it did not get a very high rating. But go back for dinner (I recommend the artichoke appetizer) or add some incredible french toast alongside your latte. 
Overall Rating - 3 Stars 
::by Jaclyn Overall
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