Saturday, June 16, 2012

Highland Bakery


Highland Bakery serves as a notable entrance to an adorable pocket of Atlanta known as Inman Park. With its elevated position on North Highland, it is difficult to miss once you note the tables out front and the line of brunch-ers that will inevitably be waiting outside on any given weekend morning. Even on the Wednesday morning we chose to review Highland Bakery by the time lunch hit nearly all of the tables were full. The place is a hit!
Please note Highland Bakery is not a coffee shop, at least not the Inman Park location. We haven’t officially reviewed the Midtown location that sprouted up directly across from Crescent Street yet, but if you are looking for the cafĂ© environment we recommend you head to the Midtown store. Highland Bakery-Inman Park version is a restaurant with a hostess so you will be seated at a table with a waiter if you choose to stay. Otherwise, grab a pastry from the brilliant display at the front of the store with your coffee and explore the Inman Park neighborhood. Just a suggestion. And they are famous for their baked goods so any you chose is sure to be great.

Atmosphere- We classify the place as the ideal spot to take an out of town visitor. It is stylish with the loft, urban, chic vibe, plenty of art adorning the walls (for sale, bonus!), and a sorta hipster-american feel. The restaurant is spacious and every table is in an equally good position. While the atmosphere looks good, it’s a little loud for a one-on-one coffee date and doesn’t make a good work or reading environment. But we did see people there working and sitting at the bar so don’t feel alone if you chose to do that. It’s casual but the people there are stylish so… dress accordingly. There is indoor and outdoor seating available and sparse parking along the street.

Coffee- Good choice Highland Bakery- Batdorf & Bronson beans. You can’t go wrong there. We also commend you for having a unique roast- the Bainbridge Blend-made especially for Highland Bakery. Good stuff! The coffee tastes great and is served in bottomless mugs. They have a full espresso bar and serve the standard espresso drinks.

Service- The staff at Highland Bakery are cool and friendly, but a little slow pace-wise. However, we give you points for the individualism and personality that you bring to the restaurant.

Location- Wonderful location in Inman Park/Old 4th Ward, right beside Freedom Park and the future Beltline.  The area is really nice, walkable, friendly, and interesting. Only problem is parking is definitely an issue and they leave you to fend for your own.

Legitimacy- Well they do have their own blend and their bakery is majorly successful so we have to give them a lot of points for that. And plus, the 2 locations are almost always busy.

Final Note: HB is actually at the edge of Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park, so it's in an even better location!

Overall Rating - 4 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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  1. Highland Bakery is in the Old Fourth Ward, not Inman Park. (

    1. Our apologies! That section of N Highland is a little confusing location wise. Thanks!