Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Café Nineteen


In a place like Atlantic Station, you'd expect there to be a fair share of restaurants and cafés. But in truth, there are only two real options. Café Nineteen and Starbucks, and everyone knows what you're going to get out of Starbucks, whether it be in Atlanta or Australia. So for those looking for a new, or different experience, there's only one real choice.

Café Nineteen is situated across the street from the movie theatre, on 19th street. My punctuality means I always get to Atlantic Station early whenever I'm meeting friends, and a café always seems a nice choice of venue for time-wasting. So it's safe to say I've spent a fair amount of time here, but it's also safe to say that I have no real reason why I should other than for convenience.

Atmosphere- Unique, upscale, and warm. It's the kind of feel you'd expect from an Italian seaside café in Monaco. There's a very lounge-y feel, and all aspects of the place add to the feel in very nice ways. Good music, comfy seating (indoor and outdoor), large tables, fresh flowers. This place feels great, and there's no two ways about that.

Coffee- And here's why I don't understand why I keep coming back to this place. The coffee doesn't taste bad necessarily, but it doesn't taste good either. There's nothing unique or special about it. It's And frankly that's one of the worst things you can say about the drink. 

Service- The staff are cordial, and the service is very timely. They also understand it's a lounge spot, so they never rush you out the door. The best way to say it is that they're attentive and helpful without being nosy or annoying.

Location- As I said at the beginning, Atlantic Station. It's a great secluded corner of Midtown Atlanta that has about everything you'd need. Shopping, food, parks, and free parking. A great place to spend a day.

Legitimacy- Café Nineteen is part of a company called illy, which is a known brand of coffee. The food here is good, and the baked goods are made on site. That combined with a large drink selection and full bar makes this a pretty legitimate establishment. 

Overall Rating - 3.5 Stars
::by Anand Nallathambi 
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