Friday, June 22, 2012

Java Vino


To me, Java Vino is the definition of a corner coffee shop. It's comfortable and welcoming in all the right ways. It's small, in a very cozy way. It's friendly, in a neighborly way. The menu provides everything you'd need from a coffee shop during the day, and from a local hangout bar in the evening. About the only gripe I have with Java Vino is the location. It's not on the friendliest part of Ponce, but it is right next to the Highlands.

I came to Java Vino never having seen it (it's just off the beaten path), and frankly never having heard of it till Jaclyn mentioned it as our next spot. In fact, I drove right past it without realizing it. Because of that, I've had to keep my eyes much more open every time I drive. I'm kicking myself for not having found or tried this place earlier than I did. 

Atmosphere- To me, this is the biggest appeal of Java Vino. It's a cozy feeling place. Comfortable couches in bright sunny spots, tables for work in less sunny areas, and a very clean overall feeling. There could be a few more seats, but I think they have a winning formula that they shouldn't mess with. The art's also a nice touch. 

Coffee- Java Vino brews Selva Negra Estate coffee, which is grown by Java Vino's owner's parents. They roast their own coffee on site, and offer a wide selection which you really can't find anywhere else in Atlanta. The coffee tastes amazing, and there's honestly nothing to complain about here. 

Service- Cordial, friendly, neighborly. These guys know their coffee, and the best part about it is their willingness to share. Other places have baristas who like to show off their knowledge. Java Vino does not give off that vibe, and they feel very down to Earth. 

Location- It's in the Poncey-Highlands area of Atlanta, which basically means the other side of Ponce from Virginia Highlands. It's not a bad neighborhood, but it's not the best either. Parking is available in plenty though.

Legitimacy- They grow, roast, and brew their own coffee, and they've been up and coming in the Atlanta scene. Their coffee is brewed in a few other locations, and all of this adds to their legitimacy. 

Overall Rating - 5 Stars

::by Anand Nallathambi 

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