Thursday, June 21, 2012

Steady Hand Pour House

The thing that brought Anand and I to Steady Hand in the first place was all the reviews about the place and it's supreme devotion to the art of espresso. We  won't hesitate to admit that we're coffee aficionados and when people start using coffee lingo and raving about the dorky stuff, intrigue is sparked. Steady Hand boasts their inverted drip brewing method through a siphon-- we were curious to try it. So, one brisk but sunny weekday morning we popped into Steady Hand to see what all the fuss was about...

Atmosphere- Steady Hand is all about coffee sophistication. This coupled with the university location of the cafe work to create a tenser environment than I would like. Comfort is key when I rate atmosphere and Steady Hand is lacking in this department. The coffee shop sits on Emory's campus so the clientele are mainly serious and studious student which in turn makes Steady Hand feel more like a library than a casual cafe. Ideal for work, not for conversation. I did appreciate that the sounds filling Steady Hand are the Baristas at work with their stainless steal instruments and glass siphons. The devotion Steady Hand puts into the craft of making coffee adds a theatrical element to the cafe- a plus! The dark wood and limited seating make the interior of the cafe feel a bit cramped, however outside seating is a great alternate.  

Coffee- Tastes great but pricey. I think we paid $7 for our two cups of the reverse-drip-coffee. I'm rarely willing to pay that much for coffee so this place could definitely not fill a daily coffee shop role. However, there are other options for how you want your coffee prepared- I love options. 

Service- Steady Hand formed when a few Baristas decided to split from Octane (another popular Atl coffee shop) in efforts to get back to the true essence of coffee. Therefore Steady Hand doesn't mess around. The employees came off as a little smug and too uptight about their coffee. They take their time in crafting your drink, which I can appreciate, except that it's not realistic for those of you who need to grab your java on-the-go. 

Location- Nice location in a walkable area, right on a college campus. If you visit, I definitely recommend that you walk around and explore Emory a little bit. 

Legitimacy- Steady Hand is highly rated among others and they do take their coffee seriously so we're going to commend these efforts and give it points for being supremely legitimate. 

Final Comments: Steady Hand--you have gone over the top in an unattractive way. Calm down a bit and be more inviting and I'll give you another shot.

*Note that this coffee shop has closed.

Overall Rating - 3 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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  1. " I'm rarely willing to pay that much for coffee so this place could definitely not fill a daily coffee shop role."

    I have a different opinion then you on that. During the school year it's my almost daily coffee shop. It has plenty of regulars, best coffee in Atlanta hands down, it's worth paying for. It has lots of options other then the the 3.50 premium coffee you got. Did you read the rest of the menu? Compared to brewing at home, yes it's expensive but it's on par or just slightly more then most other coffee shops in Atlanta that aren't of the Dunkin Donuts variety.

    Did you try their food or any of the dairy drinks such as a latte?
    They excel at both. Their Iron Goddess tea is amazing and a great price considering you can refill the pot many times and it keeps delivering great tea.

    How about you give them another shot instead of going just once and posting a review? Yes, sometimes it is very quiet and everyone is studying, other times it's chatty and very friendly, especially on the porch.

    I've been going for over two years and haven't had a complaint since. I think the coffee and the service is awesome.

    1. We very well could have gone on an off day, but that was not our experience unfortunately. And we're used to Midtown/Downtown coffee houses which offer a different feel, and notably, cheaper coffee.
      Now regarding the "best coffee in Atlanta," I'm going to have to disagree. The coffee was great, but I'm personally partial to Batdorf & Bronson (Dancing Goats).
      Regarding the service, it's not necessarily a complaint as much as a critique (fine line, I understand). We've experienced better in Atlanta.