Monday, July 2, 2012

Cafe Intermezzo


Besides Starbucks, this is the cafe that I go to the most. Let me be very straightforward from the get go. You cannot go wrong with Cafe Intermezzo. Beginning with the very first time I was taken here, to the subsequent several times I've been, I have never been disappointed. From coffee to cocktails, and from dinner to dessert, this place has just about everything you could ask for to make your day or night that much more wonderful.

Cafe Intermezzo is one of Atlanta's premier cafes, and the reasons for this are immediately apparent the moment you walk into the door. The warm, Italian themed atmosphere welcomes you with open arms, and the shear variety of drinks and desserts clasps you in a mammoth bear hug. It's the perfect place to take a date, or to treat out of town visitors who want to get away from the touristy side of Atlanta. While the cafe is open for most of the day, the hands down best time to go is late at night to round out the evening. Cafe Intermezzo is one of the few cafes that are open till 2 AM or later, and it's the perfect place to end the night. 

Atmosphere- The European feel of Cafe Intermezzo is specifically designed to replicate the coffee houses of late 19th century Italy, with the addition of modern conveniences of course. The dark colors and low-lighting perfectly accentuate each other to give the cafe a very lounge-esque feel. Mix in a little music and you get on of the most romantic, if crowded, places in Atlanta. The available outdoor seating offers a nice escape when the weather cooperates. 

Coffee- Always fresh and always available, the coffee at Cafe Intermezzo is always a great choice. But the wonderful thing is the amazing selection available to you at a moments notice. You can always find something to fit the mood with Intermezzo's brimming selection of over 20 types of cappuccinos and over 100 types of teas. The coffee and espressos are also brewed using large, brass machines imported from Italy that have a very taken-out-of-time feel, which adds to the atmosphere. 

Service- Here in lies the one point of contention between Jaclyn and I regarding Cafe Intermezzo. We both acknowledge that the persons manning the huge brass machines and the pastry case are very knowledgeable and capable. Impressively so, as a matter of fact. When it comes to the actual table service, however, they seem to be very hands off and slow. While Jaclyn views this as a European custom, I view it as bad service. But in either case, it's not enough to dent the experience.

Location- Cafe Intermezzo is located at the edge of Buckhead and Midtown, on the ever famous Peachtree Street. While the location is easy enough to reach, parking can sometimes be a hassle, and the neighborhood is not exactly what you would call walkable. You can't come here, grab a drink, and enjoy the neighborhood like you can at Dancing Goats or Highland Bakery.

Legitimacy- Huge brass machines imported from Italy, 3 locations citywide, massive drinks and food menus, and always frequented? How could you go wrong? This is definitely one of the most recognizable and legitimate cafes in Atlanta.

Overall Rating - 4 Stars
::by Anand Nallathambi 
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