Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dancing Goats


Now this is a cafe I frequent, but I'll try to stay impartial. The first thing that sticks out to me about Dancing Goats is the name. Once I discovered the story behind it (many many years ago...maybe) I came to like Dancing Goats even more than I already had because of the name's rich significance. If you call yourself a coffee aficionado and don't already know the story I suggest you do a little research on your own, and get with it.

Dancing Goats is the place to go for coffee in downtown Decatur. It's your everyday cafe. There are plenty of regulars in this place. It has this dynamic appeal of being completely suitable for a meet up with friends AND the perfect study or work location. So far, it champions its other rivals in the neighborhood. You can't miss it as you drive down Ponce into Decatur because there are sure to be people on the patio, maybe with a dog or two, if the weather is decent. Take a step inside and you'll soon discover why this cafe warrants the high rating we gave it.

Atmosphere- This cafe has a clean and open feel to it thanks to its high ceilings, dark wood, and clean blue color scheme. There is plenty of seating space and options-espresso bar, window seats, couches, large work tables, patio, you name it...and it's a good thing because I have never seen the place without a steady stream of customers. Take a look at the ceiling lights when you're there- I think they're kinda special. This exemplifies the ideal cafe atmosphere according to Anand and me.

Coffee- The coffee tastes amazing and they have a lot to choose from if you decide to purchase beans. However, they only brew three blends for customers. Why guys? I would like to see more selection. Maybe weekly coffee samplings or a rotating blend. Don't get rid of the Dancing Goats blend though because it is what I elect every time. This dark roast comes out perfect, consistently. A note to all of you who buy a coffee and want to stay for a while- ask for a mug and you'll receive a free refill! 

Service- The baristas are friendly, knowledgeable, and they do their job well. The cafe is always well maintained which is noteworthy especially because of its size. We liked their attempts at being a bit greener too.

Location- Downtown Decatur is a wonderful place so this location is spectacular. Dancing Goats is easy to get to, has a full parking lot behind it, and is in a great walkable neighborhood. 

LegitimacyThey are Batdorf & Bronson. They don't just sell and brew it, no, this is the only Batdorf & Bronson store you will see outside of Washington State. Their particular Dancing Goats blend is served at multiple locations throughout Atlanta and you can buy a variety of whole bean roasts at the cafe. 

Special Note: Head over to Dancing Goats on Thursday nights when they stay open late and offer live music.

Overall Rating - 4.5 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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