Sunday, July 22, 2012

Grant Park Coffeehouse


Grant Park Coffeehouse is truly a little gem. It is a one-of-a-kind nook that is welcoming to both neighbors and newcomers, both adults and kids, both coffee-lovers and all you others. We described it as your neighborhood, corner coffee shop but it has some kind of pizzazz that keeps it from falling into a single defined category.

Atmosphere- This is the most family friendly of any cafe I've ever visited. The vibe once you step inside is playful: The large chalkboards that feature the days many drink and food choices are colorful, the small interior with large windows is cozy, and the wifi password is "ice-cream" in honor of this popular menu addition. With the upbeat music and a sunny day Grant Park Coffeehouse is sure to lift anyone's spirits.  

Coffee- Great tasting coffee that comes from a provider known as "Dean's Beans." Not too sure what that's all about but it's a NorthEastern company so maybe it's more known up there.  On the day we went they were brewing an Ethiopian and a Papua New Guinea, both to my liking.

Service-The staff was nice, friendly, and helpful. There's table service if you order something from their breakfast and lunch offerings. No complaints here!

Location- The location is directly across from Grant Park and Zoo Atlanta so there is much to see if you want to set out on foot. It's literally on the corner under a building, making it the corner cafe. The location lends the coffee shop almost a retreat feel, perfect if you ever need to get away from traffic and city noise.

Legitimacy- The menu is vast serving everything from well executed espresso to King of Pops. They cater so the food must be a hit, and fresh to say the very least. I had a scone that blew Highland Bakery's out of the water (sry). And it's popular in the area--On my way to Grant Park Coffeehouse I actually got a little turned around and to my surprise the first person I asked for help told me to follow her because she was headed there at that very moment!

Once you find the coffee shop you'll want to stay for a while and it's highly likely you come for a return visit.

Overall Rating - 4 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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