Thursday, August 23, 2012

Land of a Thousand Hills


This is the ideal café if you need a miniature escape from city life and a breath of fresh, smog-free air.

Atmosphere- Land of a Thousand Hills is the first café we have visited that fits into a whole genre of its own. The interior of this coffee shop mirrors what would be expected of a mountainside cabin with its large windows and vaulted wood ceilings. The cozier vibe continues through the use of bookshelves, richer colors, and comfortable seating options. The interior feels complete, as if it was intentionally designed to give off the vacation/retreat feel. Step out back to experience the uniqueness that the location extends to LTH—the Chattahoochee River. The sound alone instantly will replenish the soul.

Coffee-I luckily have the advantage of drinking LTH coffee weekly and it is amazing, every time and always very fresh as it is roasted in Roswell, GA. During our visit Anand remarked on the effect that was created when crème was poured into our fresh French pressed coffee- the beautiful swirl as the cold crème combines with the hot coffee. Now that's a good sign!

Service- The café is well kept and the barista we had was nice but reserved. Inside the café was relatively quiet and I think this hands-off service lends to keeping the café more relaxed. Order a French-press and your coffee will be presented on a tray complete with all the necessary extras to create a perfect cup of coffee.

Location-Inside-the-Perimeter…barely. The scenic river-side location makes the drive worth it though. LTH has the luxury of seclusion; it is tucked away in the back of an apartment complex actually. This makes finding it a struggle as you have to enter through the gate of Walton on the Chattahoochee off Akers Mill Rd, hopefully you don’t end up like Anand, driving in circles to find the entrance. There is ample parking once inside and the area behind the coffee shop, on the river, is walkable and even hike-able.

Legitimacy- Highly legitimate with their roasting plant in Roswell, and two additional coffee houses. They have their own brand of coffee, purchase 100% Arabica beans, and have a philanthropic approach to how they produce their coffee—using partnerships with churches in North America to continually purchase LTH coffee and therefore offer coffee farmers in Rwanda fair wages and an investment in building community post-genocide.

Overall Rating - 4.5 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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