Friday, August 31, 2012


Octane. Probably one of Atlanta's best known coffee places. On paper, it has it all. Artisan coffee, beer and cocktail selection, music, and a generally welcoming atmosphere. Everyone seems to have a positive view of Octane. They consider it a great place to grab a cup of Joe, get some work done, or have an after-work cocktail. 

And for the life of me, I can't figure out why.

Atmosphere - This is one of the few positives for me regarding Octane. The atmosphere here is fantastic. Whether you decide to sit inside or outside, there's a nice feel to the place. The industrial look, clean environment, and good music selection does indeed make this a great place to spend an afternoon working away on a laptop or a novel. The art for sale, while not my particular taste, is a nice addition as well.

Coffee - And here's where I start disliking Octane. The coffee here just does not taste good. First off, they only offer a light roast, and at that they only offer it french pressed. Just about every non-chain coffee store I've been to in Atlanta offers several methods of brewing and several beans to chose from, so it's weird to see Octane limiting their selection so drastically. The coffee is almost impossible to drink straight, and frankly, it tastes like mud.

Service - The service is also a big no no for me. They say the first impression is the one that lasts, and I had to say I had a bad one at Octane. The baristas have a pretentious feel about them, as if their position makes them better than the customer. That's a bit of a faux pas. However, as I said, that was my first impression. I know people who've had better service. But that being said, they do keep a very tidy coffee shop.

Location - Nestled right on the corner of Howell Mill and West Marietta, Octane is in an up and coming part of Atlanta. There's a good selection of shops, restaurants, and bars in the area that make this a worthwhile area to explore. I'm just not sure Octane is the place to base that exploration. Especially when Star Provisions is just down the road. 

Legitimacy - Despite my personally negative outlook on Octane, the place is extremely popular amongst most Atlantans. They have 2 locations, and do have a full food menu. So I can't fault their legitimacy. 

Overall Rating - 2.5 Stars 
::by Anand Nallathambi 
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