Thursday, August 2, 2012

Radial Café


Radial Café is one of those places that you only really hear of through word of mouth. It's secluded enough that you almost never drive by it (and if you did you wouldn't register it), and it's quiet enough that you never see it in advertisement. So when Jaclyn suggested we try this place out, I went in with the blankest slate possible. I purposefully withheld from reading the menu or website so as to give myself the freshest experience possible. And I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised in every regard.

The immediate reaction I had was one of slight shock. When you park, you don't quite realize that there's a café here. Radial is in a large brick building, with various suites occupied by crossfit gyms and dance studios. Until you actually walk into the café doors, you really don't get a feel of where you're at, but once inside, everything clicks. This place has quickly become one of my favorite Saturday afternoon cafés.

Atmosphere- The brick building looks like an old factory that was converted into office space, and the garage doors turned into windows definitely add to that hypothesis. The whole building has a very industrial feel to it, and it works perfectly. Big windows, brick walls, metal artwork, and bare wooden seating mesh together to give radial one of the best non-cliché café atmospheres I've ever experienced. There's plenty of seating to choose from as well, including a bar and a nice outdoor patio.

Coffee- Serving a special blend of Selva Negra Estate, the coffee here is delicious. If that name sounds familiar, it's because it's the same coffee served by Java Vino, and it's actually owned by the owners of Java Vino. The coffee is simply excellent. 

Service- The staff at Radial are kind and very helpful, and they have a rare quality among service staff: a sense of humor. They know how to laugh and have a good time, and all of this adds to the experience. I want to also mention that Radial gets insanely packed during peak hours, yet the staff somehow manage to keep their sunny disposition and timeliness.  

Location- About the only fault I have with Radial. It's located in the Candler Park area of Atlanta, which is nice, but there isn't much around. It's a good 10-15 minute walk to Little Five, which can be brutal in Atlanta heat. 

Legitimacy- Locally owned and run, Radial has strong ties to the community. They purchase their produce from local sources, and they maintain an extremely low carbon footprint. Add known coffee and a full menu, and you have a very legitimate business here. 

Overall Rating - 5 Stars
::by Anand Nallathambi 

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  1. It's actually amazing how a little cozy place selling coffee can draw in so many people - especially after a long day. Then again, that profitability is the very reason I've been considering getting coffee franchises lately.

  2. I can see how small the place, but my friend told me it is a good place for coffee. I just do wonder if this resto also offers some tea? Drinking tea is already included in my sleep rituals, after I read some sleep quotes, I drink tea right away to have a good sleep.

  3. A cafe franchise is a real challenge because unlike other franchises, you wouldn't just sell the product -- you wouldn't just sell the coffee; you'll sell the ambiance and the whole place itself, and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your services. If you succeed in doing it, congratulations!

  4. I would say, an excellent cafe would be the one that has perfected the franchise planning to ensure that their cafe would not go down for years. And the only way to do that is to satisfy the customers.

  5. I just had an idea: their cafe would be perfect if they would serve coffee that uses low-cal sweeteners. A lot of people are on a low-cal diet, and there are diabetic people that need diabetic sweeteners on their coffee too, so that could be their edge among the rest of the cafes.

  6. A cafe sounds like a good business, now that more and more people are drinking coffee. It has many advantages to our health because it has antioxidants and it enhances alertness. Coffee drinkers are mostly the working class and those who drive cars, based on research.

  7. Radial Cafe deserves to be advertised because it's one of the best cafes there is. They need to promote their coffee to the public so everyone would know that great tasting coffee still exists.

  8. We did a review of Radial too and gave you guys a shout out...take a look

    -not all those who wander are lost-