Friday, August 10, 2012

West Egg Cafe


West Egg has made itself into one of the top brunch places in Atlanta.  A few years back it moved to a new and larger location on the Westside down Howell Mill which we are so grateful for because now West Egg can be featured in the Atlanta Coffee Scene! The larger location allows it to double as a restaurant and a cafe, so you have options, and good ones I must say. The menu here features an interesting mix of brunch food with a southern spin--plenty of pimiento cheese, hot sauce, and Coca-Cola to go around. The coffee is superb and the baked goods are made fresh on the spot. Read on!

Atmosphere- It's similar to Highland Bakery in the post-modern hipster way. The high, unfinished  ceilings and concrete floors lend an open and industrial feel to the place, yet the space is perfectly designed so that you don't feel exposed. It remains cozy thanks to the comfortable seating, this massive curtain that sections off the restaurant from the cafe area, and the expertly chosen lighting. Seating options are plentiful, so determine your reason for dining before entering. Are you there to study? Sit inside at the shared table in the work nook, complete with a pencil sharpener and West Egg pencils. Brunch- inside the main dining area or outside on the patio. Libations?  Take a seat at the bar and try out one of those cocktails that have caught my eye, or get a draft beer. Or maybe you are there for your morning cup of coffee. Well it's perfect for that too. As you can see, its hard to go wrong here. West Egg is open early and stays open until 10pm.

Coffee- West Egg serves up the Bohemian Blend of Batdorf & Bronson coffee, making their coffee excellent. Anand got hooked immediately and now orders it online to brew at home. If you are staying it will be served in a bottomless mug which a server will refill for you at any time.  They also offer a few other interesting coffee creations, along with the standard espresso drinks. 

Service-The people here are friendly, unpretentious, and they know their stuff. They give off a laid back vibe but remain fast and effective at their jobs. A word of warning--West Egg is extremely popular on the weekends around brunch time and the cafe is unusable at this point as it becomes the queue for a table. Yes, you can absolutely get a coffee while you wait but it's packed so we recommend that you avoid peak hours if you so desire the relaxed cafe atmosphere that is conducive to deep conversations, reading a good book, working, etc.

Location-West Egg holds a extraordinary spot in West Midtown. This up and coming design district offers excellent shopping and eating in a very artistic and walkable area. We urge you to explore the scenic neighborhood as new shops continue to pop up on a monthly basis. Also note that there is plenty of free parking in the deck behind West Egg. 

Legitimacy- They serve up local, fresh, quality coffee and their bakery has its very own pastry chef who prepares all the baked goods in-house daily. The menu has options for morning, noon, and night with very tempting specials. And there is a bar for cocktails and draft beer. They offer it all in a strategic way so that it doesn't come across as a tacky catch-all place. 

*Look to their website for specials and events such as trivia Thursdays and Burger and Pint night Wednesdays.

Overall Rating - 4 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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