Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Cafe at Cakes & Ale


Atmosphere- I felt like I had stepped right into a page of Southern Living magazine. The Cafe at Cakes & Ale is bright and cheerful. I loved the southern simplicity introduced by way of the chalkboard menu, fresh flowers on the tables, and even the clean scented candle in the bathroom. The air smells of fresh baked bread and the sounds are of a bustling little cafe. The Cafe is attached to the restaurant Cakes & Ale and is on the smaller side with only about 8 or so tables. The space is ideal to bring company to for coffee or even brunch. I don't recommend pulling out a laptop or a book here as it doesn't fit with the community aura of the cafe.

Coffee- They were brewing the Sumatra blend of Counter Culture on the day we went and it came out steaming and delicious. Coffee is served with milk and sugar on the side and is presented with a cup and saucer. Cute. Classic. 

Service-You order at the counter and then a waitress will bring out your order. The place was very well staffed with at least 6 people working. We noticed how the staff was involved in a helpful and friendly way, offering refills and anything else you might need. For as much traffic as we saw come through The Cafe in the hour and half we stayed we were amazed at how well maintained the place stayed. 

Location-Ideally located in the Decatur town square. If you visit during the morning or day the street parking will more than likely not be too difficult to find. Walk around the town square and go shopping in the many boutiques around the area afterwards.

Legitimacy-Super legit! It's part an nice restaurant and has a full-functioning bakery. I chose to sample something from the array of baked goods by ordering a cherry-pistachio biscotti which was delectable.  

Overall Rating - 4 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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  1. Just looking at those cookies is enough to make my mouth water. I wonder if anything I learned in those cake courses will help me bake cookies like that.