Monday, February 11, 2013

Condesa Coffee

Atmosphere-  This corner coffee shop lends most to the urban, industrial, warehouse vibe, with its concrete, high ceilings, steel & aluminum,  and windows that entirely encompass the two outside walls. The amount of sunlight (or lack-there-of) casts a strong influence on the ambiance inside the shop. I love being able to be indoors but not be closed off to what's happening outside. At Condesa you can easily find  a seat facing the windows which will give you an amazing look of the South East view of Atlanta. 

Now, dress is a detail I don't believe we have ever felt the need to mention, but here at Condesa Coffee you will find each barista clothed and accessorized to fit the mood. We're talking suspenders, black framed glasses, fadoras, etc. I think it's a nice touch! It encourages this geeky fascination and appreciation for coffee in a similar way to what the people at Steady Hand Pour House over in Emory Village are doing. 

One more note on the atmosphere- this Latin American detail that is worked into the name (Condesa meaning Countess) and the drinks (Mexican Colas and coffees originating in Central and South America). That's about as far as this layer of the atmosphere extends. Maybe we missed something else or perhaps they chose to keep it as a subtle accent.  

Coffee- Serves Counter Culture Coffee and Intelligentsia teas. I was offered a taste of the coffee that was brewed at that point in my little tasting cup (located to the left). I loved the option to see how the coffee suited my palate- wow Jaclyn I can't believe you just wrote that. The coffee was rich and smooth and served piping hot. Excellence in a paper cup!

Service- Condesa is equipped with a helpful, interested and interesting, staff of beverage connoisseurs.  Along with the coffee selection they also offer cocktails, beer, and wine. You will not find the baristas running around in a hurried manner. They individually craft each beverage creation so expect your order to take some time, even if it's simple pour over coffee. I don't know what would happen if a line of 10 people or so formed but I have a feeling that it would take a while. Keep this in mind and don't expect to run in, grab your drink, and fly because that's just not the way things operate here. And why would you want to? After all you read in the "Atmosphere" section I'm ashamed that you would even consider missing out on it.

Location-Condesa sits boldly at the corner of Freedom Parkway and John Wesley Dobbs Ave in the Old Fourth Ward. It's a convenient location that won't leave you driving around in circles in search of the cafe. A Path Foundation trail operates right next to it which also provides access to bikers, runners, and walkers. I can envision right now biking down the path trail on a hot summer day and stopping into Condesa for a refreshing iced tea. Parking is available on the side street and in the Tribute lofts parking deck.

Legitimacy- I don't doubt Condesa's legitimacy for a second. Just take a look at the brands it sells: Counter Culture, Intelligentsia, and Holeman and Finch pastries. The knowledge of the staff and the time that is spent on the offerings adds a significant value to whatever you choose to purchase and hopefully enjoy here. 

Take a look at their blog to see what's going on.

Overall Rating -  4 Stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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