Sunday, April 28, 2013

Second Cup- Highland Bakery

The Highland Bakery's third location has recently set itself up on Georgia Tech's campus, so using our Friday lunch break Anand and I decided to check it out and see how it compares to the the Old Fourth Ward cafe. When we were walking over I remarked on how quiet campus was given it was the Friday before finals week. Then, as we ascended down the hill from Tech Tower to the Highland's spot we soon found where everyone was! The place was brimming with students. The patio, inside dining area, and line at the registers were completely crowded. Despite the lunchtime madness the staff were calm, collected, and friendly as always. I especially like them because they compliment me every time I go in (haha). Anyways, keeping to tradition we both ordered coffee-mine iced, his hot-and opted to take them to go. So we strolled around campus drinking our Batdorf & Bronson creations and brought each other up to speed on one another's life. Now that's the best way to take your coffee, with some friendship and bonding on the side. 

Observations: The cafe itself is smaller than the OFW spot. If Friday's visit was true to Highland's usual occupancy then I would suggest avoiding lunchtime here. And skip this location for your Sunday brunch because it is only open M-F. There is no table service, rather you order and pay at the front, then staff will bring out your order once it's prepared. On the upside, there's a nice little espresso bar off to the side where you can watch as the barista makes your drink of choice. And they still sell fresh loaves of bread and have that pastry case filled with perfect, little, tempting sweets.  I'm delighted to have Highland so close to my office so I can stop in for my morning coffee on the reg. I highly recommend you try it out too!

::by Jaclyn Overall
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  1. Love this blog, Jaclyn!! I'm loving having HB on campus so far but I've yet to try their coffee! Definitely will this coming week :)

    1. Thanks! Don't miss out on their cinnamon rolls either...they are magical!