Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inman Perk

Atmosphere-Inman Perk fits nicely into the local, neighborhood coffee shop genre, and it is exactly that for the Inman Park pocket of Atlanta. While there are a few other place to go for coffee on the popular N. Highland strip, Inman Perk provides a spacious location to relax and get comfortable. The run-down  and unpretentious feel of the interior of the cafe gives off a laid-back and all-are-welcome kind of vibe. The big open space, colorful walls, and sunny windows brighten and liven the place up. There are plenty of seating options, including a library-like nook in the back corner. The customers there are just doing their own thing on the Saturday morning that Anand and I happened to be visiting  But we're here for more than relaxing. . .it's time to experience the coffee.
Coffee-Serving Intelligentsia coffee. This is refreshing as most cafes in the Atl area are hopping on the B&B or Counter Culture wagon. The Intelligentsia brew that Inman Perk is serving up today is bold, in your face coffee, which I love! But for those who don't side with me, there are other brews to choose from. Anand opted for the regular roast and remarked that it was "spot-on." 
Service- Standard degree of friendliness I expect, nothing more. The cafe is clean and well kept.
Location- I love the Inman Park neighborhood: there are so many good restaurants, the gorgeous park, the beautiful Victorian homes, the PATH Foundation trail that deposits bikers and runners and even roller-bladers onto the N. Highland strip. This is a wonderful spot to walk around and explore on a nice Atlanta day. Parking is plentiful around Inman Perk.
Legitimacy- Cafe menu full of different food, desserts, espresso drinks, tea options, beer, wine, even ice-cream! We admire the versatility. And Intelligentsia speaks for itself. Inman Perk has art for sale, hosts events, and provides live music every once in a while so it's more than just a coffee shop.

Overall Rating - 3.5 Stars

::by Jaclyn Overall
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