Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Joli Kobe


Joli Kobe is one of those places that you always drive past, but you never really hear about. When Jaclyn and I were looking for new places to try, a quick Google search revealed this new place that neither one of us had heard of. A quick trip to the store later, and I have to say we discovered a refreshing, if not entirely unique, experience. 

Atmosphere - I'm a fan of big, open, and well-lit areas. I love the idea of loft/condo style buildings in an inner city area. And Joli Kobe delivers. The big open windows offer a wonderful view of the city and provides a perfect place to people watch. Though, I will freely admit, if this is what you're going for, you'd be better served going to Cafe Intermezzo just down the street. The store was shockingly empty for a beautiful Saturday morning, but to me that adds to its appeal. 

Coffee - Serving a local roast known as LakeHouse, Joli Kobe offers a wider variety of coffee drinks. And all of them are delicious. The departure from the standard Batdorf & Bronson roast that most local shops use is nice and helps set Joli Kobe apart from it's competitors.  

Service - A very clean and well maintained cafe mixed with a cordial and on-task staff means high marks here. The service is counter bought and hands off, which works well here.

Location - Located at the edge of Midtown and Uptown Atlanta, Joli kobe sits at an interesting place. There's a ton within a 10 minute walk, but the immediate area is full of offices and businesses. So with that in mind, it's great if you work in the area.

Legitimacy - The cafe is highly rated everywhere we looked, and with two locations and 25+ years of operation, this place has earned its keep. 

Overall Rating - 4 stars
::by Anand Nallathambi 

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