Friday, October 11, 2013

Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party


Being Indian, I was instantly tempted by a little café called Dr. Bombay’s. After getting there, I realized the locale was actually called Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, but if I’m honest that just intrigued me more. Entering through the front doors, I found a combination of my favourite things inviting me in: coffee, quiet but not silent atmosphere, and books. I was instantly sold. If the food was a little better and the locale a little closer to Midtown, I’d be going there constantly.

Atmosphere – Dr. Bombay’s is a cozy little café. A wall running down the middle splits the café and library sections, and the furniture and light arrangement creates a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The kind of place you’d want to spend a cold and rainy afternoon. It’s very reminiscent of the cafes I went to when I spent some time in London. It’s usually crowded so it can a little time to get a good seat, but it’s worth the wait.

Coffee – The coffee and assorted drinks are standard fare for most cafes. There’s nothing special, but there’s nothing wrong either. As you might have guessed, Dr. Bombay’s strength lies with its tea. Going back to the British connection I mentioned earlier, Dr. Bombay’s offers several tea choices served with cookies. A perfect way to spend a British afternoon.

Service – Nothing too special here. They know their tea and they know how to take care of their customers.

Location – Ah, Candler Park. Living in Midtown, I don’t have too much reason or time to get out to the nearby neighborhoods, but Candler Park is a treat. A beautiful green area with plenty to do nearby. Dr. Bombay’s is in a prime location to grab a drink and enjoy a day in the park.

Legitimacy – They offer a full menu filled with food, snacks, and drinks. Mix that with a schedule full of events and parties, and a constantly packed house, and Dr. Bombay’s is the real deal.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars
::by Anand Nallathambi
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