Monday, October 21, 2013

San Francisco Coffee Company

Map. Anand and I here at #AtlCoffeeScene have finally made the full circuit to all three branches of San Francisco Coffee Company - Ponce, Morningside, and Candler Park. We had such mixed reactions after going to the Candler Park and Ponce locations that we felt it would only be fair to go ahead and hit up the third location to be the decider. Here we will break it down the review down for you, location by location, to offer up a comprehensive view of this Atlanta Coffee Co.

Ponce: Located near the corner of N Highland and Ponce, this San Francisco branch has a pretty nice seat, and is walking distance from both the Highlands and Inman Park, as well as everything on Ponce itself. However, that's about the only good offered by this particular shop. Much like Aurora, the atmosphere here is one of "constant renovation." A bad assortment of chairs and tables, and a lack of upholstery and decor, makes for an uncomfortable location. 

Candler Park: Seated on Dekalb Ave. it catches commuters in the morning and does a good job of getting people through the line and out the door fast. I appreciate this. That very detail is what converted me to Starbucks versus a local spot many years ago. Anyways, the cafe is large, comfortable, and clean, and the employees are nice and hard working. I came solo to study and as I sank into a big comfy chair (near a fireplace was it?) I instantly relaxed and got made some headway on a challenging reading. A dependable cafe is needed in that part of town so San Francisco in this location works well. Sure, across from Candler Park would have been cuter and maybe more popular, but there's already Dr. Bombay's, which as you already know is dominating in that area.

Morningside: We visited this location third, hoping to make it a tie-breaker. But the oddest thing happened. Jaclyn had described her Candler Park outing to me, and we were both still familiar with the Ponce location. This ended up being a right down the middle of both of those. We went on a Saturday morning, and it was CROWDED. Families were coming in from every direction, having just finished their morning walks. The main coffee machine was broken, so the drink selection was limited. But the pastries were good, the service was on par, and the general ambiance was cozy and comfortable. 

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

:: by Jaclyn Overall & Anand Nallathambi
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