Friday, November 15, 2013

Atlanta Coffee Roasters

Atlanta Coffee Roasters is located right off of North Druid Hills and Lavista and has been sitting on our list of places to investigate for at least a year. Finally, finally we checked it off. This post summed up: Not worthy of the drive, especially for all you city snobs like myself.

Atmosphere- ...or should I say lack-thereof? ACR has nothing to offer in this regard. The interior is dim and dingy which pushes you outside to enjoy your coffee, however the exterior presents you with a parking lot view of the Toco Hills shopping center. 

Coffee- I can't completely dismiss ACR because this cafe does create good coffee drinks, and without good coffee there's really no point. My cinnamon latte was delicious and extremely frothy...yummmm... and Anand admitted that his coffee was nice as well. They do sell an incredible variety of whole beans which range from your classic go-to Colombian roast all the way to a Snickerdoodle blend.

Service- When it comes to a coffee shop I'm looking for a friendly barista who serves coffee with pride and genuinely likes what he does.  The one employee working when we stopped in was quick and got the job done, but he didn't contribute anything more than that. 

Location- The Toco Hills shopping area reminds me of a suburban strip mall. Location= fail.

Legitimacy- If it weren't for my friend who mentioned this coffee shop to me I wouldn't ever have heard of it, which goes to say that this cafe doesn't carry much of a reputation.

Overall Rating:: 2.5 Stars only because of the star product
by: Jaclyn Overall 
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