Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Octane - Grant Park

The Octane Coffee on the Eastside, located a stones throw from Grant Park, has redeemed my view of Octane Coffee as a whole. 
So much passion and soul goes into their espresso and pour-over coffee here. For the higher price on standard drinks the return is worth it as the drinks are made with an admirable amount of care, precision, and I would like to think love :). I kept thinking to myself "this is how baristas should be." Just as a high end chef won't serve a dish until it's perfect, Octane won't rush through making your drink even when the line wraps around the bakery section and out the front the door. Speaking of the line, the wait isn't so bad when you're distracted by all of the tempting treats offered by the Little Tart Bakeshop.

The cafe is beautiful, especially when the sunlight pours in through the massive windows in the exterior. Just as the cafe on the westside, this cafe offers beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Suitable for morning, noon, or night.
So Octane, I've come around. Anand, on the other hand, will need some more convincing.  
::by Jaclyn Overall
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