Friday, January 31, 2014

Savi Provisions

Part of me wants to say "please skip!" and "don't waste your time!!" but the other part of me, the chipper, glass half-full, optimistic part of me wants to show off all the redeeming qualities of Savi Provisions. While we don't recommend this place at this point in time, just know that maybe ... hopefully it's improving!

Atmosphere- The shop part of this store is cute. I liked the large stock of wine and beer that they offer. However, the breakfast and lunch deli portion of the market is so uninspired. It looks nice but what's lacking is the employees. I really believe that Savi Provisions has great cafe potential if the management would put in a little effort. 
Coffee and Service- Anand and I came here one Saturday morning because we love Inman Park and through Scoutmob heard that they serve coffee. That's hardly the case. The two of us ordered coffee and when I found that the dark roast was empty I asked if the man running the cash register could brew some more - I didn't know who to ask, no one was taking ownership of the coffee bar. Well, he forgot and then messed up the brew once I reminded him. It was just a disaster. I took a few sips of the coffee that took 25 minutes to make and just tossed it. Thumbs down. 
Location- Situated right off the downtown stretch of Inman Park, and we love Inman Park as evidenced in our Inman Perk and the Parish Market posts, Savi has a great location.

Legitimacy- Three Atlanta locations of Savi Provisions tells me that it is succesful enough to expand. I've heard from friends that they do fun wine tastings, so I'll just assume that their expertise lies in other places than coffee.

Overall Rating : 0 Stars (ok maybe we were being a little dramatic in the rating)
::by Jaclyn Overall
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