Friday, February 28, 2014

Good Karma Coffee

We trekked all the way over to Avondale Estates to check out Good Karma. It wasn't quite worth the trek. The first time we visited was last summer (hence the tank top in the photo below) and I hoped that with my re-visit this week I would see some improvements, particularly with the interior design. No improvements made. But read on because Good Karma has some redeeming factors, ahem the food!

Atmosphere - The interior of Good Karma felt so incomplete, and the exterior doesn't do much for attracting customers either. It seems like they started with some good development efforts and then half-way through opened up shop and never finished. However, the employees add a warm and inviting element that lends this shop a nice, neighborly feel. You're sure to always find a seat and are invited to stay as long as you like. You'll find friends here eating and people working on their laptops. 
Coffee - It's Counter Culture so you know it's good. I'm always happy to see a familiar name when I visit new cafes I'm not too sure about. The coffees we ordered were excellent and Good Karma is always serving up a dark roast and a light roast. I'm grateful for the option, although, let's be honest, I always choose the dark.

Service - They've got a nice laid-back vibe here. Friendly staff will bring your food and drinks to the table, greet you when you come in, and check on you as you dine.
Location - It's hard to drive from midtown to Avondale Estates without passing a handful of great cafes on the way. If you're already on that side of town then I think Good Karma could be a nice, low-key place to frequent. Avondale Estates seems like a small town in the middle of nowhere when actually it's not that far from downtown Decatur. 
Legitimacy - Good Karma has a good thing going with its small but solid breakfast and lunch menu featuring a gluten-free bakery. A must order is the vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom waffle with warm agave nectar. It's really really good and can be topped with chocolate chips or blueberries. Yum! These waffles are both pretty and tasty...down to the very last bite.
Overall Rating : 3 stars
::by Jaclyn Overall
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