Monday, August 4, 2014


My notes on Amelie's, this new French bakery that moved in to the West Midtown neighborhood, are so scattered because there's a whole lot happening here. I kept scribbling more little notes, filling up each centimeter of space in the beloved coffee tasting journal as I absorbed more and more of this coffee shop/bakery.  
Stop into Amelie's around lunchtime and you'll see what I'm talking about. As Anand and I emerged from the back staircase to the busy dining room our senses were on overload! The dining room was brimming with business folk, students, parents and children, and the work-from-home crowd. I reluctantly dragged myself past the tempting pastry case and ordered a soy cafe au lait from the joyous girl behind the register, while A skimmed the lunch offerings and settled on a turkey and brie sandwich with a dark roast coffee. Next, we settled into one of the two remaining tables near the front windows and got to discussing the following topics.

Atmosphere- Again, sensory overload! Pinstripe blue walls, mirrors, eclectic furniture, fireplace, strange statues, interesting chandeliers, you name it! Every bit of the cafe is adorned with some knick knack that falls into the bakery's theme --a cross between French bistro and the Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland. There's just too much going on. I give Amelie's props for not falling into the standard coffee shop atmosphere of industrial or comfy/cozy library-esque, but in my humble opinion they could scale back a tad. On another note, while we enjoyed the mellow Indie music it didn't fit the theme at all. 

Coffee- We sampled coffee from the two blends that were freshly brewed: Jimbo Java (from Rev Coffee Roasters) and Melange Riche (from Magnolia Coffee Co. out of Charlotte, NC.) We preferred the Melange Riche, me for it's smooth and dark finish, A for it's chocolate notes. A commented that it tasted slightly burnt, but I think that's just him being high maintenance. It was divine! I highly recommend trying it.

Note that their coffee menu is limited to french press, coffee by the cup, and cafe au laits. There are no lattes on the menu, although the friendly barista would probably make you one if you were to ask nicely. Whole bean coffee is offered for sale, which is a plus if you don't want to venture OTP for Rev's beans. 
Apart from the coffee the menu offers breakfast and lunch foods, a variety of teas, sodas, juices, breads, and of course pastries! I'm keeping fit right now, but I'm sure I will be back for these when the time permits.

Service- Service is the highlight of my experience at Amelie's. The staff were so nice and friendly. They will engage you in conversation at the register, offer suggestions, bring your food out to your table, and clean it up once you're finished. They were genuinely delightful and provided a sweet soul to the cafe.

Location- This cafe is situated on the new up and coming Marietta Street and bridges the chic West Midtown neighborhood and Georgia Tech. The area is walkable DURING THE DAY, but is still not the safest area. As more businesses move in (Delia's Chicken Sausage and Figo for example) Amelie's surroundings will only improve. I think this is a great addition to the Westside development. Also, plenty of parking is provided on the side and around back of the building.

Legitimacy- With 3 other locations in the Carolinas and a high recommendation from a friend I would say this gets our legit seal of approval.

Hours- Open M-W and Sun 6am-10pm and R-Sa 6am-11pm

Overall Rating - 3.5 Stars

+ Service, Coffee
- Atmosphere
? Kisses on Thomas Jefferson statue

::by Jaclyn Overall
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